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New Download Provides Practical Guidance on Polymer Flooring in Prisons
New Download Provides Practical Guidance on Polymer Flooring in Prisons

Following the government’s recent announcement in relation to the Prison Estates Transformation Programme (PETP) and plans to build several new prisons across the UK… we thought it would be a worthwhile exercise to evaluate the type of flooring used in correctional facilities.

Seamless, in-situ applied, polymer-based flooring systems – including epoxy and polyurethane resins – present the most benefits. Aside from all of the typical benefits that you would expect from a hard-cure seamless resin such as durability, cleanability and wear resistance, these systems have been tested to destruction and are fully bonded to the substrate in a seamless application making it impossible for inmates to lift or rip up the floor finish in order to use as a weapon that could harm themselves or staff members.

Decorative epoxy bound quartz systems or liquid-vinyl polyurethane comfort flooring is recommended for use in cells and communal areas or corridors, these can be installed in conjunction with acoustic rubber matting in order to reduce noise transfer between floors by up to as much as 20 dB.

For shared washrooms and shower areas, systems that are broadcast with a light anti-slip additive, that are also highly resistant to cleaning chemicals are a must. Whereas hygienic, thermal resistant PU concrete is best suited to catering kitchens and other back-of-house laundry and service areas.

To simplify the specification and procurement of hygienic flooring surfaces, the team at Vebro Polymers has created a Correctional Facilities & Prisons Flooring Guide, which walks through the different resin systems recommended for different areas of the building. You can download a digital copy here.

Alternatively, to request a print copy or samples, contact hello@vebropolymers.com

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