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SUDs compliant, UV stable resin bound aggregate system

vebrobound Driveway
vebrobound Driveway: Transform Outdoor Spaces

What is vebrobound Driveway and where is it installed?

Transform residential driveways with vebrobound Driveway – a SUDs compliant, decorative, aliphatic polyurethane resin bound aggregate system that offers excellent wear and weather resistance.

Available in a range of attractive aggregate blends, and providing an easy-to-clean, smooth, durable surface that drains excess rain water to avoid pooling, vebrobound Driveway delivers an attractive, practical and easy-to-maintain alternative to tarmac, paving or loose gravel.

What are the main benefits of choosing vebrobound Driveway?

Not only does vebrobound Driveway deliver excellent wear, weed growth and weather resistance, it can also simply be swept periodically and power washed occasionally to keep it looking as good as new.

The fully permeable surface of vebrobound Driveway allows surface water to drain away, without resulting in pooling which can cause unsightly staining and damage to the driveway.

What vebrobound Driveway options are available?

vebrobound Driveway can be laid between 12.0 mm and 18.0 mm, making it suitable for application on pathways, seating areas and driveways, and creating a cohesive look around the whole property. Available in a range of attractive aggregate blends, in particle sizes ranging between 0.2 – 0.9 mm and 2.0 – 5.0 mm, vebrobound Driveway complements the style of any residential property.

vebrobound Driveway Resources

vebrobound Driveway System Datasheet

Transforming Outdoor Spaces: vebrobound Driveway Guide

vebrobound Driveway Colour Guide

vebrobound Driveway Colours

Please note, the applied colours may differ from the examples shown and may appear darker when wet. For samples please contact technical@vebropolymers.com. vebrobound Driveway colours are categorised into four price groups. For pricing contact sales@vebropolymers.com

vebrobound Driveway FAQs


After installing vebrobound Driveway, how soon can the area be used?

Allowing light foot traffic after 12 hours from the completed installation, homeowners are able to walk across their newly installed driveway the next day.

Wheeled traffic is not recommended for 72 hours after installation, and care should be taken until the full chemical cure has taken place 7 days after installation.

How is vebrobound Driveway maintained?

vebrobound Driveway delivers an easy-to-clean solution for transforming residential driveways that, when maintained effectively, will last for years to come. As with any area exposed to the elements, some cleaning and maintenance is required to keep the area looking in top condition.

Download the Vebro Polymers guide to transforming outdoor spaces with vebrobound Driveway to see the recommended approach to maintaining the system.

How many units of vebrobound Driveway components will I need?

The Vebro Polymers team are always happy to advise with any queries relating to materials estimates and project quoting.

Download the Vebro Polymers guide to transforming outdoor spaces with vebrobound Driveway to see the average recommended units of vebro PU Binder and vebro Decorative Stone Blends required for a 30.0 m² project at 12.0 mm, 15.0 mm and 18.0 mm applications.

What colours is vebrobound Driveway available in?

vebrobound Driveway is available in a wide range of attractive aggregate blends and particle sizes, ranging from 0.2 — 0.9 mm to 2.0 – 5.0 mm.

Download the vebrobound Driveway colour guide to see the most up-to-date range of colours available.

What is the coverage & mix ratio of vebrobound Driveway?

Achieving the correct mix ratio of vebrobound Driveway is important to ensuring the strength and integrity of the installed resin bound driveway system.

FeRFA guidelines recommend a minimum of 6.59% by weight of resin binder to aggregates. Download the Vebro Polymers guide to transforming outdoor spaces with vebrobound Driveway to see the recommended consumptions for vebro PU Binder and vebro Decorative Stone Blends for 12.0 mm, 15.0 mm and 18.0 mm applications.


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