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What is vebroluxe and where is it installed?

vebroluxe is a range of highly decorative polymer floor solutions, including decorative, permeable, seamless polyurethane resin bound aggregate and rubber crumb systems for outdoor play areas, walkways and landscaping.

vebroluxe systems are designed for use in commercial environments where design and aesthetics, as well as superb performance, are critical.

What are the main benefits of choosing vebroluxe systems?

Each vebroluxe system offers a number of individual benefits and aesthetic finishes to offer plenty of choice when it comes to satisfying both design and performance requirements.

Outdoor areas can even be transformed without upheaval for end users, as vebroluxe stone systems can be installed over existing substrates including concrete or brick and block.

What vebroluxe options are available?

Available in a range of finishes and core colour tones, each vebroluxe system can be customised to complement any design scheme, from natural and earthy through to vivid and vibrant.

To ensure easy application even in lower temperatures, an optional accelerator is available for the 1-pack vebroluxe Stone system.

vebroluxe Systems

vebroluxe Rubber Crumb (Green)

vebroluxe Rubber Crumb

vebroluxe Rubber Crumb is a seamless, wet-pour, resin bound rubber crumb play surface incorporating 100% recycled EDPM rubber granules.

vebroluxe Compact Terrazzo (RAL 6034 Pastel Turquoise)

vebroluxe Compact Terrazzo

vebroluxe Compact Terrazzo is a seamless, pigmented epoxy resin bound terrazzo system designed for use in commercial areas subject to high levels of pedestrian traffic.

vebroluxe Stone Gravel

vebroluxe Stone Terrace

vebroluxe Stone Terrace is a SUDS compliant, seamless polyurethane resin bound decorative stone aggregate system designed for use in external areas of commercial venues offering excellent wear and weather resistance.

vebroluxe Technical Data

vebroluxe Compact TerrazzovebroluxeCommercial Venues, Institutional Buildings

vebroluxe Rubber CrumbvebroluxeCommercial Venues, Institutional Buildings

vebroluxe Stone TerracevebroluxeCommercial Venues, Institutional Buildings

vebroluxe FAQs


Are resin floors expensive?

Resin flooring can sometimes be more expensive in the short term than using other materials, this can be as a result of a potential increased cost of materials as well as the outlay for specialist trained resin contractors to install the product, but its durability alone makes it an extremely cost-effective option, as you won’t need to replace it for many years.

And, when you take into account other savings that you can generate as a result of selecting resin flooring, such as reduced maintenance, cleaning and energy costs, it makes sense that an investment now will continue to pay dividends in the long term too!

How can resin flooring help to protect against slips and trips?

Slips and trips are one of the most common accidents that occur in the workplace, and one of the reasons for this can be unsuitable floor coverings. With a staff body to protect, it is important to consider this when choosing a floor finish, as well as the service criteria that a floor will be subject to.

For example, areas subject to either wet processes, frequent spillages or those that employ rigorous cleaning regimes such as steam cleaning or hot water wash downs should take particular care to ensure an anti-slip finish when replacing floor coverings or coatings.

Liquid-applied resin floor systems are great to custom build any safety features that you require from your floor within your workspace, surface profiles can be tailored to include quartz, aluminium oxide, glass spheres or silicon carbide in order to enhance the slip resistance profile of the floor finish.

Is resin flooring chemical resistant?

Epoxy, polyurethane, MMA and polyurethane concrete all exhibit good resistance to a range of chemicals associated with cleaning agents or foodstuffs.

For more aggressive chemicals or food & beverages ingredients such as hydrochloric acid, sugars, oils, blood and detergents, heavy-duty polyurethane concrete provides a resistant surface underfoot.

That said, not all chemicals are created equal, so it’s important to check that your choice of flooring material will be suitable for the specific chemicals found in your processes or facility.

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