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v-Cem is mixed with graded aggregates and water to produce a rapid drying, high strength, shrinkage-compensated screed laid at depths between 10.0 mm – >55.0 mm prior to the installation of commercial floor coverings such as carpet, ceramic and terrazzo tiles, laminate, wood and vinyl as well as thick coverings or hard wearing resin finishes.

v-Cem can be used to form screeds that are bonded, unbonded and floating screed applications. The material can be used as a retaining screed for underfloor heating systems. v-Cem is suitable for use in both internal and external applications.

v-Cem will harden to receive ceramic tiles in as little as 24 hours. The material will dry in 4 days to receive resin finishes after other resilient floor coverings. The material is manufactured to BS 8204-1 and is suitable to achieve Category A, B & C screeds.



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