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Sitting comfortably? 10 Reasons Resin Comfort Flooring is a Great Choice for Commercial Environments
10 Reasons Resin Comfort Flooring is a Great Choice for Commercial Environments

Poured liquid polyurethane comfort floors, sometimes known as liquid vinyl or liquid linoleum, are increasingly being used in commercial venues – healthcare environments, sporting facilities, wellness centres, office developments and mixed-use, multi-occupancy spaces… and we can see why!

Let’s take a look at just 10 of the main reasons why liquid vinyl flooring systems like vebroflex are ideal for commercial spaces…

1.   It’s all in the name

Delivering a cushioning feel and a natural warming effect underfoot, comfort flooring systems provide users of the space with… well, comfort!

This is of particular benefit in areas such as shared office spaces where colleagues are using the space for upwards of 7 hours per day.

2.   Don’t get cold feet!

Flexible polyurethane comfort floors are suitable for use with underfloor heating systems, making them ideally suited to multi-use facilities and high-end commercial environments where visitors can enjoy the luxury and benefits of UFH.

Low Emissions Coatings: A Guide to AgBB Certified Low VOC Flooring

3.   Comfort flooring can keep emissions on the down low

vebroflex systems have been tested and certified as low emissions coatings by the Committee for the Health Assessment of Construction Products (AgBB).

The AgBB evaluation scheme sets out the quality standards for building products intended for use indoors that are relevant to health. In doing so, the scheme fosters the innovation and development of particularly low-emission products, including the whole vebroflex range of systems.

Find out more about the AgBB scheme and Vebro Polymers’ certified products and systems here.

4.   Keep the noise down

Comfort floors tend to reduce the transfer of sound between the different floors of multi-occupancy buildings. vebroflex Comfort UV, vebroflex Comfort UV Plus and vebroflex Decorative UV Plus reduce impact sound transfer up to 3 db.

The Bounce systems (vebroflex Decorative UV Bounce, vebroflex Bounce UV and vebroflex Bounce UV Plus), include a rubber matting to take this one step further!

Not only does the inclusion of a soft rubber mat makes the floor even more comfortable to walk and work on, it also significantly improves acoustics reducing impact sound transfer up to a whipping 20 db!

5.   vebroflex comfort flooring is seriously durable!

vebroflex incorporates an extremely durable sealer that withstands heavy use from wheeled castors, perfect for use in office spaces where all-too-often a newly installed floor can quickly look worn and unsightly under office chairs.

6.   So fresh and so clean

Cleaning teams in office spaces, multi-use facilities and other commercial environments are often under pressure to get the place looking spick and span, more-often-than-not in a short space of time outside of operational hours.

The self-smoothing, seamless finish of resin comfort flooring is hygienic, making it easy to both clean and maintain.

7.   Safety first!

In HSE’s guide to Preventing Slips and Trips at Work, the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HSW Act) is described as requiring employers to ensure the health and safety of all employees and anyone who may be affected by their work, so far as is reasonably practicable. This includes taking steps to control slip and trip risks.

Comfort flooring does feature a smooth finish, but vebroflex delivers excellent slip resistance (R10) and is suitable for use in high trafficked areas.

8.   Flexible with the finish too…

Not only are vebroflex systems available in an unlimited palette of RAL Classic colours (more on that later), they’re also available in a range of solid, decorative and motion finish options.

vebroflex Solid Colour Finish

Solid colour

Available in an unlimited palette of RAL Classic colours

vebroflex Decorative Finish


Incorporates decorative quartz micro chippings

vebroflex Motion Finish


Mixes two or more colours to create a marbling effect

9. Colour, colour, colour!

Gone are the days of limited choice when it comes to colour for comfort floors in commercial spaces.

vebroflex is available in an unlimited range of UV stable colours finishes, matched to RAL Classic colours and grouped into three categories; Standard, Non-Standard and Premium.

10. Long live comfort flooring!

With correct care and maintenance, resin comfort floors can last well in excess of 10, 15, 20 years, even longer still with the routine refurbishment of the topcoat. At the end of their lifespan, resin comfort floors can simply be overlaid whereas with sheet vinyl or linoleum this typically needs to be removed and disposed of.

Resin comfort floors have a very cost-effective life-cycle profile in comparison to alternative floor coverings, albeit a higher square metre rate install cost, reduced maintenance and energy costs over time combined with a longer lifespan makes resin comfort floors the economical choice over the footprint of its service life.

vebroflex: Entering the Comfort Zone

Pour the perfect liquid-vinyl comfort floor…

Comfort floors like vebroflex are so flexible that they can be used in almost any setting where they not only deliver all of the performance benefits you would expect from a seamless resin flooring system, including durability and wear resistance, but they also look and feel fabulous underfoot – cushioning steps, radiating heat and absorbing impact sound.

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