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Diespeker & Co from Vebro Polymers
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Introducing Diespeker & Co from Vebro Polymers

Vebro Polymers is offering a range of bespoke epoxy terrazzo flooring solutions in collaboration with the world renowned terrazzo, marble and stone specialists, Diespeker & Co.

Partnering together across the UK, the two brands provide architects, engineers and main contractors with a single-source solution for the design, supply and install of in-situ pour-applied seamless epoxy resin terrazzo flooring in commercial developments, residential buildings and other public venues.

Why choose Diespeker & Co from Vebro Polymers?

Since 1881, Diespeker & Co’s experienced craftsmen have used their creative flair, years of technical know-how and passion for natural materials to bring pre-cast and bespoke terrazzo, marble and mosaic solutions into the 21st century.

Now, in collaboration with Vebro Polymers – a leading supplier of high-quality resin flooring materials – we are offering clients the opportunity to choose their own bespoke seamless resin terrazzo surface under a complete design, supply and installation package.

What Diespeker & Co from Vebro Polymers options are available?

The aggregate type and size, application style resin binder colour and finish can be completely customisable, making Diespeker & Co from Vebro Polymers totally unique.

What’s more, Diespeker & Co can provide a complete range of bespoke pre-cast elements to complete the look of any environment, complementing or contrasting with the in-situ applied seamless epoxy terrazzo. From stair treads and coving to bar tops and counters – or whatever your imagination can conjure! 

Diespeker & Co from Vebro Polymers Guide

With unlimited design capabilities, and a full flooring package from substrate and underfloor heating, through to in-situ applied resin terrazzo and pre-cast complementary details, architects, engineers and main contractors are able to source a complete floor package from a single supplier.

Choose your look

Below are just a handful of examples of how bespoke epoxy terrazzo flooring can look. To discover the infinite design possibilities of in-situ installed seamless resin terrazzo flooring with the new Diespeker & Co collection from Vebro Polymers, download the guide.

The terrazzo topping & all that lies beneath…

From substrate repair and crack bandaging, through to cementitious levelling screeds, underfloor heating, and, of course, seamless terrazzo floor toppings, Vebro Polymers in conjunction with Diespeker & Co has all your flooring needs covered.

Diespeker & Co from Vebro Polymers - Substrate to Surface

Diespeker & Co from Vebro Polymers FAQs

Diespeker & Co from Vebro Polymers

Can I see physical samples of the Diespeker & Co from Vebro Polymers flooring solutions?

Of course! Simply get in touch with the Vebro team.

Or… if you happen to be in the London area, you can visit the Diespeker & Co showroom by appointment. There, you’ll find hundreds of terrazzo, marble and stone samples available for visitors to view, touch and feel housed within the company’s South East London studio – the Diespeker team will be on hand to discuss your requirements in more detail at any time.

The showroom is located at 132–136 Ormside Street, London SE15 1TF, United Kingdom and is open weekdays 9am – 5pm. Call 020 7358 0160 to book your visit!

How can I create my own look for terrazzo flooring?

Sometimes, unlimited design options can seem overwhelming! To help simplify the process, we’ve broken the process of designing a bespoke Diespeker & Co from Vebro Polymers terrazzo floor into a handful of steps.

For more information on the steps below, download the Diespeker & Co from Vebro Polymers guide. Should you need any further advice, please don’t hesitate to contact the Vebro team!

  1. Step one: Choose your aggregate blend from a vast range of stone, marble, mirror glass, granite… or even broken up beer bottles!
  2. Step two: Choose your style — Classic, Venetian or Palladiana!
  3. Step three: Choose your aggregate size to further customise the look
  4. Step four: Choose your epoxy resin binder colour to tie everything together
  5. Step five: Choose your finish… Gloss or matt with a custom slip resistance profile
  6. Bonus step six: Complete the look with bespoke pre-cast elements such as bar tops, counters and stair treads
Tell me more about Diespeker & Co…

Diespeker & Co is a specialist supplier of natural stone and man-made materials for use in tiles, cladding, worktops and treads used in commercial and residential settings.

The company was founded in Hamburg and expanded into London where it was one of the first of its kind to offer terrazzo and mosaic to the UK market.

Diespeker uses traditional handcasting skills to create bespoke designs and are able to match to existing materials for refurbishment and retrofit projects.

The company boasts the very latest in Italian cutting and polishing machinery alongside an impressive showroom in South East London housing a large number of bespoke designs.

What are the benefits of Diespeker & Co from Vebro Polymers’ seamless epoxy terrazzo?

Seamless resin terrazzo is ultra-hard wearing with exceptional durability, ideal for high trafficked areas and offering excellent lifecycle cost saving efficiencies as it is easy to clean, sanitise and maintain.

Epoxy based terrazzo offers more movement than traditional sand cement terrazzo and is less prone to cracking. What’s more, it offers excellent chemical and stain resistance, ensuring an attractive finish is maintained.

Diespeker & Co from Vebro Polymers’ seamless terrazzo flooring incorporates a low emission epoxy resin binder tested and certified by AgBB.

Not only can the Vebro Polymers epoxy resin binder be matched to any RAL colour or surrounding design schemes, users can choose their own aggregate and sizes ensuring complete design flexibility.

Because of the nature of seamless epoxy terrazzo, the system retains warmth effectively, ideal for use over underfloor heating pipes.

What can Diespeker & Co from Vebro Polymers be laid on top of?

The Vebro team recommends that Diespeker & Co from Vebro Polymers terrazzo flooring is laid on a suitable cementitious levelling screed from the vebroscreed range.

The most suitable substrate will depend on site conditions as well as intended use and performance criteria of the overall floor build up.

Of course, there are a number of other considerations to factor in… There may be some substrate repair and crack bandaging required, as well as added underfloor heating.

Vebro Polymers is on hand to support with the full package of flooring from the terrazzo topping and all that lies beneath.

To discuss your requirements, or arrange a site visit from one of our team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Want to know more?

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