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Cemfloor by McGraths from Vebro Polymers
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Introducing Cemfloor by McGraths from Vebro Polymers

Cemfloor is the construction industry’s leading BBA certified, self-compacting liquid flowing screed solution. The material installs quickly, dries fast and meets high strength properties – all at a reduced thickness.

Working in partnership with McGraths, Vebro Polymers is now able to provide Cemfloor as part of a single-source, single-warranty floor-build-up package that also includes underfloor heating pipework and a pour-applied seamless resin flooring system from our extensive portfolio of durable and decorative resin finishes.

Why choose Cemfloor by McGraths liquid screed solution?

Cemfloor is a high-performance, cement based, free flowing, self-compacting liquid screed designed to add value on commercial construction projects – particularly those involving underfloor heating, or on new-build developments where weight and floor to ceiling height restrictions mean the project could benefit from a thinner screed.

Today, Cemfloor remains the only cement based liquid screed to be awarded BBA Certification in the UK & Ireland and has been used on several high-profile projects including London’s Battersea development and Capital Docks in Dublin.

How is Cemfloor by McGraths installed?

Cemfloor is produced in ISO 9001, BSI & Kitemark certified batching plants and is delivered to site ready for use; this ensures that the product is consistent from batch to batch and eliminates any errors that can occur when products are mixed on-site in uncontrolled conditions.

The installation time of Cemfloor screed is greatly reduced compared to traditional site-batched sand and cement screeds – allowing for up to 1,000 m² of screed to be installed per day – meaning the client can benefit from accelerated construction programmes and cost savings.


Cemfloor by McGraths from Vebro Polymers Guide

Cemfloor is suited to use in bonded, unbonded and floating screed applications where it dries fast at reduced thicknesses. This is of great benefit to new-build residential and office developments, looking for light-weight screed that maximises the space between floors and ceilings.

Cemfloor is ideal for clients working in the leisure, hospitality and education sectors where underfloor heating is increasingly being specified not only to save both time and money at construction stage, but also ultimately to benefit from the specification of a more efficient, high-performance end product.

From the screed to the surface, we've got you covered...

Cemfloor has been developed to meet customer demand for a more effective and faster solution for underfloor heating projects.

The material totally encapsulates underfloor heating pipework without forming voids, offers high thermal conductivity and installs at reduced screed depths, leading to a much more energy efficient and responsive heating system for building owners and occupants. 

Cemfloor by McGraths from Vebro Polymers FAQs

Cemfloor by McGraths from Vebro Polymers

Do I need to prime or seal the Cemfloor screed before installing floor coverings?

Depending on the floor covering being installed and on the manufacturer’s instructions; the surface of Cemfloor screed may need to be primed before the adhesive is applied to avoid the adhesive drying out too fast.

Since Cemfloor is a cement based screed there is no risk of any contamination taking place between the screed and the adhesive and therefore no sealers are required.

How long will I need to wait before floor coverings can be installed?

For moisture sensitive flooring, Cemfloor screed must be dried to a moisture content of 2.5%CM or a relative humidity of 75%. Cemfloor can be forced dried after 7 days.

How long will I need to wait to turn my underfloor heating on following the installation of Cemfloor?

Underfloor floor heating can be turned on at a low temperature 7 days after Cemfloor screed has been installed. The heating should be heated up slowly in accordance with our guidance documents.

How quickly can I walk on a Cemfloor screed?

Cemfloor screed will be suitable for foot traffic after 24 – 48 hours.

What is the minimum depth that Cemfloor can be installed at?

The minimum depth of Cemfloor for each screed type is:

  • Bonded Screed = 20mm
  • Unbonded Screed = 30mm
  • Floating Screed: Domestic Application – 35mm
  • Floating Screed:Commercial Application – 40mm
  • Floating Screed over underfloor heating – 40mm
What surface preparation is need to install floor coverings on a Cemfloor screed?

Unlike other liquid screeds, Cemfloor screed does not require sanding to remove surface laitance. It is however recommended that the surface of the screed be lightly abraded to clean and remove any building residue to ensure that there is a good key to receive subsequent floor coverings.

Some types of flooring products such as surface DPM’s, self-smoothing/levelling compounds, resin flooring may require the screed surface to be further mechanically prepared to provide a textured surface to enable adequate absorption and increased adhesion between both surfaces.

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