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Retail & Shopping Centres

Selecting a flooring system that offers the necessary chemical resistance, ease of cleanability and can be installed and ready to use quickly so as to minimise any disruption to trade are of utmost importance in retail & shopping centres. Vebro Polymers offer a number of seamless resin flooring systems that can meet the specific needs of the fast-moving retail world.

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Institutional Buildings

The primary function of a floor finish in institutional buildings is to provide a durable, safe, clean, acoustically compatible, attractive and affordable surface. While the type of flooring may vary depending on the function of each institutional building this is largely true of all spaces. Our comfort flooring resin systems can be installed in a wide variety of custom colours and decorative patterns to make a bold style statement underfoot.

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Commercial Venues

Selecting a flooring system that can marry the performance requirements needed to cope with heavy footfall with a decorative, easily cleaned and maintained finish is a must in commercial venues. Vebro Polymers offers a number of seamless resin flooring systems that can tick all of the boxes above in terms of a decorative and durable finish, as well as a number of different self-smoothing underlayments and fast drying screeds to prepare the subfloor should other types of floor coverings be selected.

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Multi-Storey Car Parks

Wearing surfaces in multi-storey car parks can present a wide range of challenges. Movement from heavy vehicles, exposure to corrosive automotive oils and exposure to the elements on semi-exposed decks can all quickly deteriorate the structure if not adequately protected against. Vebro Polymers offer a number of seamless epoxy, polyurethane and MMA resin wearing surfaces designed for installation on intermediate and lower basement decks of multi-storey parking structures – all of which offer individual benefits including flexibility, slip and chemical resistance, moisture mitigation and speed of cure.

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Industrial & Manufacturing

Floors found in industrial and manufacturing facilities are exposed to a wide range of different service criteria including heavy equipment and plant machinery, aviation oil spillages, hazardous chemicals, frequent forklift-truck traffic, electrostatic discharge – we could go on and on! Vebro Polymers offers a number of seamless industrial resin flooring systems that have been designed to meet a whole host of service challenges faced in industrial and manufacturing facilities.

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Food & Beverage

Floors in food and beverage processing facilities can be subject to some really tough conditions, think high-pressure hot water washdowns, steam cleaning, exposure to corrosive acids and sugars, thermal shock and cycling, wet processes…the list is endless. Vebro Polymers’ vebrocrete seamless polyurethane concrete range has been designed specifically for the demanding challenges of the food and beverage sector.

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