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5 reasons to choose vebrores EP HBC for warehouse dilapidations 
5 reasons to choose vebrores EP HBC for warehouse dilapidations

vebrores EP HBC is increasingly being chosen for warehouse dilapidations, not only offering impressive performance characteristics but also being easy to apply with three steps – prep, prime, two-coat high-build. 

We’ve rounded up just five of the top reasons why vebrores EP HBC is the ideal choice for warehouse dilapidations…

#1: Ease of application 

After mechanical preparations to existing substrates by enclosed captive shot blasting or with vacuum assisted diamond grinding, as well as any repair work required to level the base, a coat of vebro EP Primer (or vebro EP DPM if the sub-floor surface has a relative humidity greater than 75%) is applied using a squeegee and roller. 

Once cured, two coats of vebro EP Universal are spread using a squeegee and finished with a suitable mohair roller, with the first coat hardening before the second coat is applied.  

Alternatively, installation time can be reduced in quick turnaround scenarios by choosing a single coat of pigmented vebro EP DPM followed by one coat of vebro EP Universal. 

What’s more, with vebro EP Universal LTC (standing for low temperature cure), resin applicators can still achieve a flooring transformation without the need to bring the slab up to temperature — often a time-consuming and costly process (not-to-mention nigh-on impossible at times!) in warehouses where insulation is minimal and the ambient temperature can drop significantly. 

The full standard system design is available in the technical system data, and model specifications can be requested by dropping your local team a line.

#2: Chemical resistance 

vebrores EP HBC exhibits great resistance to a whole host of chemicals routinely found in industrial environments, including cleaning agents used to maintain the floor once cured and in use. 

The epoxy high-build system takes strong alkali cleaning solutions that include sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide up to 50% concentration in its stride, as well as mild concentrations of hydrochloric acid. 

Building owners or dilapidations contractors are often faced with the impossible task of predicting the exact nature of the following tenants’ operations — and in turn, the nature and strength of any industrial chemicals that might be used in the facility. 

Although vebrores EP HBC does exhibit good resistance to a wide range of chemicals, should additional peace of mind when it comes to protection against aggressive ingredients be of high importance, the high-build coating can be upgraded to its more impervious counterpart; vebro EP Universal HCR (standing for high chemical resistance). 

There’s more information on maintaining polymer flooring in the Vebro Polymers floor cleaning guide

#3: 100% solids, solvent-free, low odour formulation 

The low-VOC, solvent-free formulation of vebro EP Universal has a very low environmental impact, and its 100% solids constitution provides a slightly thicker, more viscous consistency than the lower cost water- or solvent-based paint coatings — resulting in film thickness of 0.15 – 0.20 mm per coat. 

A thicker, 100% solids coating delivers improved durability at ground level than the initially cheaper alternatives, as well as a greater resistance to impact and abrasion, reducing the regularity of repairs to scuffs, scratches and cracks. 

Substrate imperfections should be addressed during the preparation stages prior to the installation of resin coating systems, but while vebrores EP HBC won’t entirely hide imperfections, it can help to disguise the odd small undulation more effectively than a thin film water- or solvent-based paint. 

#4: Customisable slip resistance profile 

According to HSE, a huge part of preventing slips and trips in the workplace is the design of the facility. Representing the second largest surface in any warehouse after walls, building safety into the design of the floor is critical. 

Many warehouse dilapidations are subject to the adverse effects of rainy weather conditions, particularly those with loading bays and large roller doors that can be left open for big parts of the working day. 

Protecting future tenants and their team members from slip risk is easily achieved by including an aggregate such as vebro Natural Quartz or vebro 52 or 30 Silica Sand after the first coat of vebro EP Universal — the wet surface is blinded with aggregate and allowed to cure before applying the second coat and sealing in the texture. 

#5: Suitable to use for zoning & demarcation 

Available in a huge range of shades, vebro EP Universal can be matched to any RAL or BS 4800 colour, allowing for — if required — a range of tones to be installed in various areas of the facility, aiding in navigation. 

What’s more, Vebro Polymers has a range of 18 stocked colours — a series of shades that we keep in stock at all times, giving applicators the peace of mind that their chosen colour will be available under a quick turnaround. 

The 18 stocked colours include 9 Glorious Greys and 9 Brilliant Brights, and cover our most popular pigments across the vebrores range of high-build and self-levelling epoxy coatings. 

Don’t fret if that very exact shade of grey (!) isn’t included in this list — simply drop the team a line with your requirements and we’ll provide a quote and timeframe. 

You can see the full range of readily-available, in-stock pigments in the Stocked Epoxy Coatings Colour guide

Bonus Benefit #6: A strong partnership between applicator & materials supplier 

Vebro Polymers is proud to work with a select group of applicator partners in its local territories — a network of approved specialist resin flooring contractors who we’re confident will follow the appropriate preparation and application methods to deliver a fit-for-purpose, long-lasting floor every time. 

Contact your local team to become a Vebro Polymers partner, or to choose Vebro materials for your warehouse dilapidation project. 

Bonus Benefit #7: Sub-floor levelling screeds are also available… 

Vebro Polymers has a full range of cementitious smoothing underlayments & rapid-set screed additives that have been designed to prepare the sub-floor prior to the installation of floor coverings. 

Discover the vebroscreed range

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