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Deck It Out! Vebro Polymers Launches New Range of Car Park Deck Waterproofing & Wearing Systems
vebrodeck car park deck waterproofing and wearing systems
vebrodeck car park deck waterproofing and wearing systems

Vebro Polymers is delighted to introduce the vebrodeck range – a new range of resin-based waterproofing and wearing systems designed for use across decks found in multi-storey or underground car parking facilities.

Taking a top-down approach, the new range includes systems designed to tackle the wide variety of challenges found in multi-storey parking environments – from the punishing weather exposure found on the top deck through to hydrostatic pressure from the surrounding water table located at basement level.

Multi-storey parking structures have a number of unique features that distinguish them from other buildings, including maximum spans and minimum supporting columns in order to accommodate the largest possible number of vehicle parking spaces. These buildings are highly trafficked and also highly exposed to the elements.

These fundamental design requirements lead to a far greater risk of potential problems than in other buildings as a result of water ingress, movement and cracking, mechanical abrasion, UV and thermal shock damage as well as chemical degradation.

Vebro Polymers’ new vebrodeck car park decking systems range has been expertly engineered to deal with the wide range of stresses and pressures imposed on all decks of multi-storey car parking structures, including flexible membranes that provide dynamic crack-bridging properties across large spans up to B4.2 standards, waterproofing top deck systems designed to protect lower decks from water ingress, fast-cure systems to minimise any downtime required as well as reinforced systems for areas subject to additional load such as ramps and turning circles.

The range also includes systems designed for use on decks located over occupied premises such as retail units or office facilities, where additional protection is required, as well as vapour permeable systems engineered to mitigate any rising moisture on underground or basement decks.

The vebrodeck range has an excellent fire-safety classification and meets the criteria set out in Bfl-S1. Additionally, all systems provide resistance to oils, fuel, de-icing salts and other chemicals as well as protecting the surface from unsightly rubber tyre marks.

Compatible linemarkers are available for each system in the vebrodeck range to promote safety and regulate traffic flow through instructional signage and demarcation.

Speaking of the new range, Gary Chapman, Technical Manager for Vebro Polymers said, “Every deck of a multi-storey car parking facility is different, posing unique installation challenges and service criteria. As a supplier of deck waterproofing and wearing systems, it was important that we were able to cater for all specification eventualities.

“As a result, the new vebrodeck range from Vebro Polymers has been expertly engineered to include a range of chemistries; epoxy, polyurethane, MMA and polyurea, a wide spectrum of crack-bridging performance dependent on the flex needed and a range of cure times dependent on the installation window available. With the new range, we are confident that the balance between aesthetics, function and budget has been adequately addressed”.

Gary Chapman, Technical Manager

A new vebrodeck product guide, highlighting the different decking system options is available to download from the company website at www.vebropolymers.com

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