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Commercial interior design trends for the second half of 2023 & beyond… 
Commercial Design Trends 2023 & Beyond

As we enter the second half of 2023, commercial interior trends continue to evolve, presenting exciting opportunities to create inspiring and functional spaces, with a focus on enhancing productivity, well-being and sustainability. 

Flooring plays a critical role in commercial interiors. It serves as the foundation of the space, setting the tone and providing both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. In this blog post, we will delve into the key trends shaping the current commercial interior design landscape, focusing on how resin flooring can complement and enhance these trends. 

Biophilic design: bringing nature indoors  

One of the most prominent trends in commercial interior design is biophilic design, which embraces the concept of integrating nature into built environments. Recognising the inherent human connection with nature and the positive impact it has on our well-being and productivity is at the core of this trend, and incorporating natural elements in commercial spaces can help reduce stress, increase creativity and improve overall satisfaction. 

When it comes to resin flooring, there are several ways to align with biophilic design principles. Resin flooring materials, such as epoxy terrazzo, like vebro Classic Terrazzo, that includes recycled marble and stone aggregates, can be used mimic the textures and patterns found in nature to create a warm and organic ambiance while providing the durability and low maintenance benefits that resin flooring offers. 

Additionally, incorporating natural colour palettes and earthy tones in resin flooring can contribute to the biophilic design concept. Soft greens, warm browns and calming blues can evoke a sense of tranquillity and mimic the soothing elements of the natural world.  

Epoxy, polyurethane and PU comfort flooring are available in a huge range of RAL or BS 4800 matched colours, meaning a totally custom palette of natural shades can be incorporated into a commercial interior with ease.

Flexibility & adaptability: spaces for dynamic needs 

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing landscape, flexibility and adaptability are key considerations in commercial interior design. Spaces need to be versatile enough to accommodate various functions, particularly in offices and shared workspaces where collaborative work areas, private meeting rooms and social spaces are all required. The rise of these flexible facilities is driven by the need for agility, collaboration and the optimisation of space. 

Resin flooring can play a crucial role in achieving this level of adaptability — with its seamless and customisable nature that allows for the creation of different zones within a single area, constructing spaces without the need for physical barriers. By incorporating different colours, textures or patterns, resin flooring can visually differentiate zones, guiding people through the space and facilitating smooth transitions. 

What’s more, the durability and ease of maintenance of resin flooring make it ideal for high-traffic areas that require frequent reconfiguration. Heavy duty high build epoxies like vebrores EP HBC and ultra-wear resistant PU comfort flooring, like vebroflex, are able to withstand heavy foot traffic, furniture movement and equipment installation without compromising their quality, making them ideal solutions for businesses seeking flexible and adaptable spaces. 

Sustainability: commitment to environmental responsibility 

Far from being a passing trend, sustainability has — rightly so — become a fundamental consideration in commercial interior design. Businesses are increasingly prioritising eco-friendly practices and materials to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

Resin flooring has several eco-friendly qualities, including its durability, low maintenance requirements and long lifespan. By choosing resin flooring, businesses can reduce the need for frequent replacements, minimising waste and environmental impact. 

There are also resin flooring options that incorporate recycled materials. For example, vebro Classic Terrazzo includes recycled aggregate blends that, once cured into the epoxy binder and ground to create a smooth surface, create a stunning aesthetic. Win-win! 

Minimalism: simplifying spaces for enhanced experiences 

Minimalism is a design philosophy that emphasises simplicity, functionality and clean aesthetics. In commercial interior design, minimalism has gained popularity due to its ability to create uncluttered spaces that promote focus, productivity and a sense of calm. 

Resin flooring can beautifully complement minimalist interiors with its sleek and seamless finish. Its smooth surfaces and clean lines contribute to the overall simplicity and visual harmony of the space. Opting for neutral tones or monochromatic colour schemes in resin flooring can further enhance the minimalist aesthetic. 

What’s more, the practical benefits of resin flooring align well with minimalism. Its low maintenance requirements and resistance to stains, scratches and wear make it an ideal choice for minimalist spaces that aim to eliminate visual distractions. With resin flooring, businesses can achieve a minimalist environment that is not only visually appealing but also highly functional. 

Resimercial design: creating comfortable commercial environments 

In response to the evolving nature of work and the growing emphasis on employee well-being, the concept of “resimercial” design has emerged as a significant trend in commercial interior design — particularly offices and workspaces. Resimercial design blends elements of residential and commercial aesthetics, creating spaces that are more comfortable, inviting and conducive to productivity. 

Resin flooring plays a vital role in achieving the resimercial design concept. The combination of resin flooring’s durability and low maintenance qualities with the cozy aesthetics of residential flooring helps strike a balance between functionality and comfort. 

Additionally, resin flooring’s seamless and smooth finish contributes to the overall sense of cohesion and continuity in resimercial spaces. Whether it’s creating a cozy lounge area, a comfortable breakout space, or a homely meeting room resin flooring can provide the foundation for creating a workplace environment that feels more like a home away from home. 

Curves: softening spaces with organic shapes 

The use of curves and organic shapes in commercial interior design has gained significant momentum in recent years. Curves can add a sense of softness, fluidity and visual interest to commercial spaces, breaking away from traditional rigid geometries and creating a more inviting and dynamic atmosphere. 

Whether it’s curving walkways, rounded seating areas or curved walls, resin flooring can be applied to accommodate and enhance the organic shapes of a space. Its ability to be poured to fit various contours allows for the creation of flowing and visually appealing curves. 

Resin flooring’s smooth and seamless finish complements the softness of curved elements, creating a harmonious visual experience. The combination of curved architectural features and resin flooring can transform a commercial space, adding a touch of elegance, uniqueness and visual intrigue. 

Colour blocking & drenching: bold statements in commercial interiors 

Colour blocking is the strategic use of bold, vibrant colours to create focal points and make a statement in commercial interiors. Often breaking away from traditional neutral palettes, colour blocking injects energy, creativity and personality into the space. 

In contrast, drenching involves choosing a single tone and applying it to all surfaces within a space. This can either create a calm, welcoming hug of a room, or provide the perfect backdrop for a colour blocking moment within the environment.

Resin flooring offers a wide range of colour options, making it a perfect choice for implementing colour blocking and drenching in commercial spaces. Businesses can opt for resin flooring in bold, vibrant colours to create designated areas or highlight specific features. Whether it’s a vibrant blue flooring in a collaborative zone, a striking magenta floor in a reception area, or a combination of different hues to define different sections, resin flooring can bring these bold colour choices to life.  

Mixed materials: fusion of texture & functionality

Combining different textures, finishes and materials celebrates the interplay of contrasting elements, adding depth, richness and tactile interest that contributes to the creation of visually dynamic and functional spaces. 

Not only can a combination of different resin flooring finishes come together to create a striking visual effect, but the material can also blend seamlessly with a wide range of materials, allowing for creative experimentation and the fusion of textures. Whether it’s pairing resin flooring with wood, metal, concrete or glass, the result is a visually intriguing and cohesive design aesthetic. 

For instance, vebro Classic Terrazzo on the floor of Singleton Distillery’s visitors’ centre combined smooth, matt polyurethane in a deep grey with a lighter tone of luxurious with exposed brick walls. This package of flooring materials perfectly complemented the building’s exposed brick, architectural accents and copper lighting and patterns throughout to create an industrial-inspired atmosphere with a modern twist.   

Beyond aesthetics: nurturing health & well-being 

The focus on well-being in commercial interior design has gained significant importance in recent years. Businesses are recognising the impact of the built environment on occupants’ physical and mental health and are incorporating wellness features to create spaces that promote well-being and productivity. 

Resin flooring can contribute to wellness-oriented interiors by offering several key attributes. Firstly, with the appropriate texture built into the system design, resin flooring can provide excellent slip resistance, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring a safe environment for occupants. What’s more, the seamless and non-porous surface of resin flooring makes it easy to clean and maintain, promoting a hygienic and healthy space. 

Liquid vinyl systems, such as those in the vebroflex range, can also contribute to the health of building’s occupants. By incorporating acoustic underlays, the passage of sound between multi-occupancy facilities can be reduced, promoting concentration and relaxation. 

What’s next? 

As we move forward into the second half of 2023 and beyond, we can’t help but feel excited about the upcoming trends in commercial interior design and how they will shape the spaces we work, relax and interact in. These trends offer a glimpse into the future of design, where functionality, aesthetics and well-being blend together. 

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