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From mechanical workshop to modern marvel: Vebro Polymers & CFS team up to transform Millennium Group’s industrial facility 
From mechanical workshop to modern marvel: Vebro Polymers & CFS team up to transform Millennium Group's industrial facility

Concrete Flooring Solutions has recently completed the installation of a package of Vebro Polymers’ resin flooring material and sub-floor screeds for Millennium Group, as part of a full refurbishment of an old mechanical workshop in St Albans, UK, intended for lease to an industrial end-user. 

The project covered an impressive 1,200 m2 of floor space, which was shot blasted, primed, and fully blinded with quartz sand to prepare it for the application of vebroscreed Industrial at a nominal thickness of 10.0 mm. Ramps were installed between the main workshop area and the adjoining offices, and a coat of vebro EP Sealer and a final finish coat of vebro EP Universal in BS4800 00A09 Flint Grey was installed across the whole area. 

Shot blasting the surface removed contaminants, such as dirt, oil, and old paint, and roughen the surface to provide a better bonding surface for the resin flooring material. 

After shot blasting, the substrate was primed with a combination of vebro EP Primer and vebro EP OT Primer where necessary. The latter epoxy primer is an oil-tolerant solution that is used when the substrate has been contaminated with oil or other hydrocarbons, ensuring their presence doesn’t affect the subsequent coatings. 

Fully blinding the substrate with quartz sand, by scattering into the wet primer provided a textured surface that helped to improve the bond between the substrate and the resin flooring material.  

A nominal 10.0 mm of vebroscreed Industrial was then installed over the entire area. The deep-fill, rapid-setting and hardening, high strength, single-part, cementitious smoothing underlayment screed provides a smooth, level surface that is ideal for overcoating with resin floor systems. The high-strength material that can withstand heavy foot traffic as well as the weight of machinery and equipment. 

Concrete Flooring Solutions were able to ensure accessibility into adjoining rooms and offices by creating ramps across these thresholds with a traditional sand-cement screed with vebroscreed SBR.  

The addition of this single component, modified, styrene butadiene liquid additive results in a much more durable and quicker-drying screed with reduced shrinkage and water demand when compared to those without the additive. It also provides excellent bonding properties and can be used to create a variety of finishes, including smooth and textured surfaces. 

With vebroscreed Industrial and ramps installed, a coat of vebro EP Sealer was then applied. The solvent-free, low odour dust sealer is easy to apply and dries quickly, allowing for a rapid overcoating with vebro EP Universal in 00A09 Flint Grey. 

This high-performance, pigmented epoxy resin coating provides a hard-wearing, durable finish. It is available in an almost limitless range of colours, including 9 Glorious Greys and 9 Brilliant Brights that are always stocked, giving peace of mind when it comes to fast delivery schedules. 

The resulting floor build-up is a high-performance and hard-wearing solution that will be suitable for the range of industrial end-users that could lease this building. 

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