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Good Clean Fun… The Vebro Guide to Cleaning & Maintenance of Polymer Flooring
Vebro Polymers - Cleaning & Maintenance Guide
Cleaning & maintenance guide

Generally speaking, polymer flooring delivers a durable surface underfoot, combined with a host of other performance characteristics dependent on the technology and specification.

Invariably, these performance benefits are also dependent on suitable upkeep, including a cleaning regime that not only maintains hygiene and cleanliness, but that is appropriate for the type of polymer flooring installed.

There are many reasons why a suitable cleaning regime should be adopted, including…

  • Cost of repair or replacement should unattended spills cause lasting damage to the floor surface.
  • Irreversible changes to the floor’s aesthetics should staining be left to do damage.
  • Reduction in durability or performance owing to structural damage from harmful chemicals, corrosives or even inappropriate cleaning agents.
  • Increased slip-risk because of lingering dust, grease or other contaminants.

The team here at Vebro Polymers HQ is pleased as punch to have published a guide to the cleaning & maintenance of our resin floor coating systems.

In this guide, we’ve outlined the optimum cleaning & maintenance schedules for a range of polymer flooring technologies, but as each floor is unique in its installation environment and service criteria, it is important to identify the ideal cleaning regime for your specific project.

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