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How to Speak Vebro: Part 3, High Build Coatings & Heavy / Medium Duty Flooring

At Vebro HQ, we’ve taken every care to simplify our product and system naming structure, but just in case, we’ve put together a short glossary of our abbreviations and acronyms and popped it all into a handy one-page download.

In this How to Speak Vebro series, we’re delving into each of these acronyms and what they mean.

HBC: High Build Coating (FeRFA Type 3)

According to FeRFA, a high build coating that meets the characteristics of FeRFA Type 3, like vebrores EP HBC and vebrores EP HBC Skydrol, is a solvent free resin floor coating system that is roller or squeegee applied in 2 or more coats to 300 to 1000 µm total thickness.

HD / HF: Heavy Duty Flooring

FeRFA defines heavy duty usage as ‘constant forklift truck traffic, hard plastic wheeled trolleys and some impact’. Resin floor coverings categorised as FeRFA types 4 and above are usually suited to this type of usage, and are often laid in thicknesses above 2 to 3 mm.

HF is a term usually found in FeRFA Type 8 systems — like our vebrocrete range of seamless cementitious polyurethane for the food & beverage industry and has been widely adopted and referred to by engineers and architects alike.

MF: Medium Duty Flooring

Medium duty usage, much like its big brother heavy duty, does come with its very own FeRFA classification. ‘Regular foot traffic, frequent forklift truck traffic, and occasional hard plastic-wheeled trolleys’ is considered the benchmark for a medium duty environment. FeRFA Types 2 through to 6 are often considered suitable for this kind of exposure.

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Our technical experts are on hand to help with your questions on technical@vebropolymers.com or check out the rest of the How to Speak Vebro series.

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