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How to Speak Vebro: Part 4, MMA, Flex & Plus

At Vebro HQ, we’ve taken every care to simplify our product and system naming structure, but just in case, we’ve put together a short glossary of our abbreviations and acronyms and popped it all into a handy one-page download.

In this How to Speak Vebro series, we’re delving into each of these acronyms and what they mean.

MMA: Methyl Methacrylate

Not to be mistaken with mixed martial arts, in the polymer world, MMA is the acronym used for methyl methacrylate – a monomer and key building block for most acrylic-based polymers, like our vebrospeed systems! We’ve gone into a little more depth on MMA flooring over at What the MMA is Methyl Methacrylate Flooring?

Flex: Flexible

Flexible refers to vebroflex, a range of comfort polyurethane resin floors, so called because of their cushioned effect underfoot. The elastomeric properties of the vebroflex coating systems are created by cross linking the polyurethane polymer with an aliphatic (UV Stable) or aromatic (non-UV stable) isocyanate. vebroflex systems exhibit various performance criteria, and create a range of design effects.

Plus: Enhanced Performance

We use plus to clearly indicate a product or system that has that little something extra in terms of performance.

The system build up of vebroflex Bounce UV and vebroflex Bounce UV Plus, for example, are the same, with the exception of vebroflex PU SL in the former and vebroflex PU SL Plus in the latter. When it comes to performance output, the Plus system exhibits better wear resistance and higher Shore Hardness.

Want to know more?

Our technical experts are on hand to help with your questions on technical@vebropolymers.com or check out the rest of the How to Speak Vebro series.

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