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How to Speak Vebro: Part 6, Thixotropic & UV Resistant

This week on the How to Speak Vebro series, we’re delving into TX and UV, for Thixotropic and UV Resistance!

At Vebro HQ, we’ve taken every care to simplify our product and system naming structure, but just in case, we’ve put together a short glossary of our abbreviations and acronyms and popped it all into a handy one-page download.

TX: Thixotropic

Thixotropy refers to the “behaviour of certain gels that liquefy when they are subject to Pseudo-dynamic energy e.g. shaken, stirred, or otherwise physically disturbed and reset after being allowed to stand. Thixotropy occurs in paint, such as lithopone in oil, which flows freely when stirred and reverts to a gel-like state on standing” Encyclopaedia Britannica.

In vebrores EP Quartz Classic, this means the vebro EP TX seal coat flows easily over the quartz scatter, then settles in the gaps to ensure the quartz particles are fixed securely in place. Applied before the final seal coats of vebro PU UV Seal Plus, the thixotropic nature of vebro EP TX reduces the porosity of the quartz finish to allow for a lower application consumption rate in the UV-stable PU top coat.

UV: UV Resistant

Vebro’s UV resistant aliphatic polyurethane seal coats — used with systems such as vebroflex Comfort UV and vebroflex Bounce UV — resist the effects of UV exposure in that they don’t discolour in the same way non-UV resistant coatings might. The chemistry of aliphatic top coats such as vebroflex PU UV WB Seal helps to avoid a yellowing effect on the surface of the floor.

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Our technical experts are on hand to help with your questions on technical@vebropolymers.com or check out the rest of the How to Speak Vebro series.

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