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Introducing our New, vebrostatic ESD Seamless Epoxy Flooring Range
Vebro Polymers - vebrostatic ESD SL at a Space Research & Technology Centre

Check out our latest video of our vebrostatic ESD SL, a 1 – 2 mm pigmented, solvent-free, self-smoothing epoxy flooring system in Agate Grey designed to safely dissipate electrostatic discharge in highly sensitive areas, being installed by Performance Flooring at a Space Research & Technology Development Centre in Oxfordshire.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) refers to the rapid, spontaneous transfer of electrostatic charge induced by a high electrostatic field. Charge can build-up when simply walking across the floor of a processing environment. 

Although harmless to humans, ESD events have the capability to completely destroy sensitive electronic devices or components, or worse, trigger a spark that could lead to a fire or an explosion in certain conditions.

Without flooring materials equipped with adequate protection, this charge can cause irreversible damage to sensitive components.

vebrostatic ESD SL can be used in areas subject to fire and explosion risk, including flammable solvent stores as well as electronic production and testing areas, computer chip manufacturing plants, laboratories, operating theatres and clean rooms. 

As part of the vebrostatic range, Vebro Polymers offers both a conductive and dissipative grade as well as vapour permeable and decorative quartz based options. 

Some feedback from the application team at Performance Flooring

The conductive primer can be laid as low as 0.08 kg / m2. Traditionally, this goes down at a higher consumption and has a reputation in the industry as being difficult to work with – a bit like treacle – whereas vebro EP ESD Primer is water-based (with a 20% water addition) and rolls on like a sealer.

Likewise, the body coat installs like a normal SL – again typically ESD systems are fairly viscous, and often difficult to lay as whereas vebro EP VP ESD SL (Conductive) is more workable, meaning that we were able to get more down in the same amount of time. We laid just over 500 m2 in one day. 

Some other benefits of our vebrostatic systems:

  • Meets DIN EN 61340-5-1, DIN EN 61340-4-1 & DIN EN 61340-4-5 (including the walking test)
  • ISEGA certified, hygienic and safe for use in food production facilities
  • Exhibits low body voltage values, minimises the charge created by the movement of people and equipment
  • Excellent resistance to fuels, lubricants, solvents and other chemicals
  • Easy to clean, non–tainting and non–dusting finish
  • Formulated from natural biopolymers and meets AgBB low emissions criteria

Making the correct choice of floor system, when establishing an electrostatic protected area (EPA), is essential to ensure that sensitive electronic components and assemblies are adequately protected from the harmful effects of electrostatic discharge. 

When used in conjunction with suitable footwear, vebrostatic ESD SL will safely dissipate charge to ground faster than it accumulates, in accordance with ESD Association guidelines. 

vebrostatic ESD SL demonstrates consistent ground readings throughout the life of the floor coating system and exhibits very low body voltage generation.

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