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Latest Flooring Download Provides Guidance for Pharmaceutical Upgrade Projects
Vebro Polymers - Pharmaceutical Flooring Guide

With the global push towards scaling up vaccine production hugely impacting the pharmaceutical sector right now, the coronavirus pandemic has eclipsed any uncertainty surrounding Brexit, resulting in any delays to Capex spending that had previously been put in place being lifted as major players race to find a suitable treatment.

Worldwide there are more than 100 vaccine candidates in development and over 600 clinical trials underway, with organisations collaborating and joining forces to develop a viable vaccine.

As a result of this focus, the sector is seeing a huge demand for new or revamped production facilities and well as R&D and QA/QC labs.

Ranging from antistatic systems for sensitive environments and low-emissions liquid-vinyl coverings, through to fast cure MMA and heavy duty, chemical resistant PU concrete finishes alongside decorative terrazzo finishes, Vebro Polymers offers a complete range of resin flooring materials for pharmaceutical facilities.

To facilitate the specification and procurement of suitable flooring materials for pharmaceutical facilities, the team at Vebro Polymers has produced a new flooring guide to highlight the different systems recommended for different working areas.

Download a digital copy here or contact hello@vebropolymers.com to request a printed copy and samples.

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