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Mortar magic: Exploring the versatile applications of vebro EP Mortar 
Mortar magic: Exploring the versatile applications of vebro EP Mortar

In the realm of floor preparation and repair, finding the perfect solution that seamlessly tackles a multitude of challenges can sometimes feel like uncovering hidden treasure. Enter vebro EP Mortar, a high-strength, trowel-applied epoxy resin mortar designed to not only restore and reinforce horizontal and vertical cementitious surfaces, stair nosings and joints, but also provide a durable, solid bed for pre-cast beams as well as form coved skirting. 

Repairs to cementitious & steel surfaces 

When it comes to addressing repairs on horizontal and vertical cementitious surfaces, vebro EP Mortar delivers an exceptional solution due to its high-strength formulation and trowel application. 

In scenarios where time and usage have taken a toll on concrete slabs, resulting in spalling or damage, vebro EP Mortar is reliable remedy, with rapid and permanent patch repair capabilities that effectively restore the integrity and functionality of worn-out surfaces.  

To achieve optimal results, appropriate priming of horizontal cementitious surfaces is crucial to establish a strong bond that results in long-lasting repairs. The fortified repairs not only reinstate the structural integrity of the slabs but also contribute to their extended service life. 

For both floors and walls, a suitable primer is applied before the installation of vebro EP Mortar. In vertical applications, this is done while the primer is still tacky, while on the floor, the primer is applied – either in one or two coats, depending on the relative humidity of the substrate – and allowed to cure before being overcoated with the 3-component epoxy repair mortar. 

Worn steel substrates can also benefit from repair with vebro EP Mortar, which allows for the infill of small cracks, dents and other damage to the existing surface. Shotblasting the area to Sa 2.5 requirements prior to the application of Vebro’s epoxy repair mortar product will help to ensure adequate adhesion, for a long-lasting fix. 

Forming coved skirting details  

The consistency of vebro EP Mortar is such that the epoxy mortar product can be used for forming coved skirting details. Using a suitable steel coving trowel, a 50.0 mm radius cove can be added to provide a seamless transition between the horizontal and vertical surfaces in the space. 

This is ideal for areas where hygiene is important, as the addition of coving reduces the nooks and crannies in which germs and bacteria can gather, while also delivering an easy to clean floor to wall transition.

Bedding of pre-cast concrete beams 

The superior strength and exceptional adhesive qualities of vebro EP Mortar provide a secure and long-lasting bond between pre-cast concrete beams and their supporting structure. The mortar’s trowel-applied nature facilitates precise and efficient application, enabling fast project completion while maintaining the required quality standards. 

One of the key advantages of using vebro EP Mortar for bedding pre-cast concrete beams is its exceptional resistance to chemicals. This property ensures that the mortar remains unaffected by corrosive agents present in the environment, protecting the integrity of the structure over time. 

It is important to ensure that structural requirements are met through consultation with a structural engineer, especially in applications where heavy loads or dynamic forces are anticipated. 

And there we have it… 

The magic of vebro EP Mortar lies in its versatility and impressive performance characteristics. The 3-component epoxy product not only delivers on cementitious and steel substrate repair but can also be used for hygienic coving and bedding of pre-formed concrete beams. 

Looking for a versatile repair mortar product that can suit a range of applications?

You can download the product data for vebro EP Mortar here or contact the team to discuss the suitability of vebro EP Mortar for your next project! 

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