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New Dynamic Crack-Bridging Top Deck Polyurea Waterproofing Innovation as Easy as 1,2,3… at B4.2!
vebrodeck Vitesse

Vebro Polymers is delighted to introduce a new, fast-cure, manually applied, elastomeric top deck polyurea car park waterproofing system designed to dynamically accommodate movement and cracking in parking structures by up to 0.8 mm – all in just three application layers!

Appealing to the ever-growing UK car park construction industry, vebrodeck Vitesse is a 5.5 mm cold-liquid applied, dynamic crack-bridging (Class B4.2 -20oC) polyurea car park deck waterproof wearing system that is open to fully operational wheeled traffic in just 48 hours.

The system consists of a fast-cure epoxy primer, flexible polyurea membrane wearing layer followed by a pigmented, aliphatic polyurea topcoat.

Reducing the number of layers required throughout the installation process coupled with eliminating the need to bandage cracks prior to application and using fast, low-temperature cure polyurea resins, vebrodeck Vitesse is the fastest way to refurbish existing external car park decks or accelerate construction schedules on new-build structures.

No spray equipment is needed, the system simply trowels on and rolls out. What’s more, the pre-filled wearing layer and flexible membrane drastically reduces workload required by eliminating the need for additional sand scatter and sealing.

These improved time-saving efficiencies result in reduced labour time and associated costs as well as enabling applicators to take advantage of shorter windows of dry weather in order to complete installation work without incurring delays.

On top of this, the system’s environmental credentials are a big plus point with architects, car park operators and owners looking for a greener approach to material specification.

vebrodeck Vitesse contains 0% plasticiser, is made up of renewable raw materials and uses 90% less sand than competitive systems. The material is odourless and meets AgBB criteria for low emissions coatings, making it an ideal choice for use in city-centre structures, decks located above occupied premises or enclosed areas.

Speaking on the company’s latest innovation, Robert Gray, National Specification Manager for Vebro Polymers said, “Unlike other buildings, top decks of multi-storey car parks are used to accommodate additional parking spaces whilst also having to act as the roof of the structure.

“These decks are highly exposed to the elements and subject to frequent, rolling mechanical load and abrasion cycles.

“vebrodeck Vitesse is a highly chemical resistant, aliphatic polyurea decking system that exhibits excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations, delivering a flexible waterproof membrane that safeguards against water ingress and prevents damage caused by thermal cycling and UV exposure”.

In fact, under testing the system exhibited no sign of blistering, cracking or flaking after 80 days of accelerated UV exposure.

vebrodeck Vitesse can be installed in a wide variety of different colours, including safety and traffic shades, in order to maximise the efficacy of any colour coded floor plan designed to regulate both pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow and movement. Complementary line marking products are also available for additional instructional signage.

News of this latest innovation follows the company’s recent launch of its car park deck waterproofing and wearing systems range, vebrodeck.

This new range has been expertly engineered to offer systems that deal with the wide range of stresses and pressures imposed on all decks of multi-storey car parking structures and includes systems designed for basement level and intermediate decks, as well as those located over occupied premises.

A new guide promoting the new vebrodeck Vitesse system is available to download from the company website at www.vebropolymers.com

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