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Pantone of the Year! Viva Magenta! Found in nature, specified on the floor!  
Viva Magenta: Pantone Colour of the Year 2023

Pantone is considered the global authority on colour and provides professional colour standards for a range of creative and manufacturing industries.  

The company’s system is used to standardise and globally manage colour across digital and physical applications and is used by manufacturers to accurately reproduce colour. It also helps ensure consistency in branding and interiors, helping to create a unified look across different surfaces. 

The Pantone Colour of the Year event is an annual announcement of a specific tone chosen to represent current trends, with the chosen shade used throughout the year as inspiration for fashion, product design and other creative industries.  

The Pantone Colour Institute has chosen Viva Magenta as the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2023. This vibrant hue of pink and purple is sure to make a splash in commercial interior design schemes.  

Not only seen in the sky during sunsets and sunrises, the stunning shade of pinkish red is also found in florals like petunias, snapdragons, and hollyhocks, as well as in some minerals, such as amethyst, fluorite and tourmaline.  

Inspired by nature, Viva Magenta is also a great choice for commercial spaces because it can be used in a variety of ways to create different looks… 

Vibrant & bright 

Viva Magenta is a bold, vibrant colour that is sure to add a touch of energy and vitality to any space. The bright, cheerful shade has the power to bring life and energy to a room, helping to create a vivid atmosphere in any commercial space.  

Used either as a pop of colour in a neutral colour palette or as the main colour in a space to create a bold aesthetic.  

Warm & inviting 

Viva Magenta is inviting and can evoke a feeling of relaxation and comfort, particularly when used alongside softer blue and purple shades, making it ideal for hospitality and retail spaces. It can also be used to create a warm yet modern, sophisticated look when paired with black, white and other neutrals. 

Energetic & exciting 

The pink / purple hue can be used to create a sense of energy and excitement, making it great for nightclubs, bars, and other entertainment spaces, especially when paired with bright colours like yellow, orange and green.  

Focus on the floor… 

Similar to Viva Magenta is RAL 3018, a shade that is available in a range of Vebro Polymersepoxy, polyurethane and flexible liquid vinyl floor coating systems. 

The shade can be applied across the whole floor to create a striking aesthetic, or in smaller areas to aid with navigation or zoning across commercial spaces — perhaps as wayfinding in larger venues, or for creating cosy niches in bars or restaurants. The possibilities are endless! 

The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2023 Viva Magenta is a great choice for commercial interior design schemes. Its vibrancy can help to create a variety of different aesthetics and atmospheres. It is also a versatile colour that can be paired with many other colours to create a wide range of looks.  

If you are looking for a colour that is sure to make a splash, Viva Magenta is the perfect choice! 

Contact the team today to discuss your bold, vibrant flooring requirements.

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