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Penang: The Silicon Valley of the East 
Penang: The Silicon Valley of the East

Increasingly referred to as the Silicon Valley of the East due to its thriving technology industry, which has been growing steadily for the last few decades, Penang – a small island off the north-western coast of Malaysia – is an attractive destination for businesses and investors.  

The technology industry in Penang is centered around the Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone (Bayan Lepas FIZ), a government-sponsored initiative to promote economic development in the area. Bayan Lepas FIZ is home to numerous tech companies, including global giants like Intel, Motorola, Dell, and Hewlett Packard, as well as a number of smaller, local organisations.  

Bayan Lepas FIZ has been instrumental in the development of Penang’s tech industry, with the area offering tax incentives, low labour costs and access to a large, highly educated workforce. It also provides a supportive environment for businesses, with a wide range of services and facilities.  

Bayan Lepas FIZ is not the only reason why Penang has become the Silicon Valley of the East. The country’s universities and research institutes have produced a large number of highly trained engineers, scientists, and IT professionals, enabling the region to attract more foreign investment and further its development as a tech hub.  

Penang’s well-developed infrastructure, with its modern airport, efficient public transport, and reliable internet access, makes it easy for tech companies to set up operations in Penang and access the global market.  

With the rise of Penang’s tech industry, it is critical that electronics manufacturers looking to establish roots in the bustling tech centre operate in an environment that not only provides a safe environment for its team members, but also protects the products and electrostatic sensitive components from damage. 

ESD control flooring is a critical factor in ensuring safety in electronics manufacturing environments, providing an essential layer of protection against static charges that are generated from people, machines and other sources, that can cause damage to sensitive electronic components.  

It works to provide an electrically conductive path to the ground, allowing static charges to be dissipated safely and quickly. This type of flooring is often used in production and assembly areas, as well as any other areas where static control is needed, but it is important to choose the right type of flooring for the particular environment, as different types of flooring have different levels of grounding and static control. 

Vebro Polymers supplies a range of epoxy and polyurethane electrostatic control flooring systems, that help to dissipate static charges avoiding damage to sensitive equipment or components. 

Looking for ESD control flooring? Contact your local Vebro Polymers team to discuss your project requirements. 

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