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heavy duty, slip resistant floor coating system
Multinational Laboratory Products Manufacturer, Cambridge, UK

the challenge

A global manufacturer of pharmaceutical equipment required an alternative to its previously-installed polished concrete floor coating. Chosen according to the specification of their international headquarters, the slippery and easily-scratched existing finish proved to be a slip risk that was in frequent need of maintenance.

meet the client

As part of a global pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing company, this UK based facility focuses on the production of apparatus such as high-precision motion control systems and specialised vibration isolation products. 

the project

During a short week-long festive shut-down period for the pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer, the installation team was tasked with the preparation of the polished concrete floor coating to ready it for overcoating, including the removal of over 900 m2 of joint compound, as well as the installation of 3,500 m2 of polymer floor coating materials across the ground floorıof the facility.

Vebro’s solution

A composite system, similar to vebro EP HBC Composite, from Vebro Polymers was chosen to ensure slip resistance and durability. The floor coating build-up, comprising two layered applications of vebro EP Universal broadcast with 52 mesh silica sand, followed by a final finish coat of vebro EP Universal.

vebro EP Universal is a pigmented, ready to use, solvent free, two component, high-grade epoxy resin coating which can be broadcast with both silica and quartz sand at certain thicknesses to deliver an anti-slip finish.

Installed using a suitable squeegee, floor paint roller and paint brush, vebro EP Universal produces a tough, joint free, non-porous gloss finish floor coating which is easy to clean and maintain. Used as a high build coating with 52 mesh silica sand, vebro EP Universal delivers a hard wearing, anti-slip, dust free, hygienic floor finish.

Owing to its impressive performance, vebro EP Universal is widely used in industrial areas such as warehousing, manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical environments and power stations.

meet the installer

Concrete Flooring Solutions Limited, founded in West Sussex in 2010, deliver concrete flooring for a range of applications, as well as resin flooring for commercial, industrial and pharmaceutical properties.

Today the company, who operate across the UK, are dedicated to upholding its founder’s vision to provide valuable services to clients, build partnerships and deliver excellence in all aspects of its business.

With over 30 years of experience, the Concrete Flooring Solutions team has been involved with some of the largest clients and contractors across a range of sectors including aviation, retail, education, manufacturing & heavy industry, pharmaceutical and agriculture.

key project details


Multinational Laboratory Products Manufacturer


Cambridge, UK



project size

3500 m²

Vebro systems

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