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hygienic polyurethane concrete for food facility
P D Hook (Hatcheries), Duns

the challenge

325 m² of hygienic polymer flooring needed to offer a wear resistant, easily cleaned and durable flooring solution in the clean egg storage area of a busy, high-volume hatchery.

meet the client

P D Hook (Hatcheries) – a family-owned business founded in the 1950s which has grown to become the largest independent hatchery in the UK with the capacity to hatch over 10,000,000 chicks per week across its 8 facilities. Its parent company is a major player in the national poultry market supplying to more than 300 companies worldwide, including KFC, Nando’s, Unilever and Waitrose.

the project

P D Hook (Hatcheries) facility located in the Scottish Borders in Duns required a seamless, inherently hygienic and resilient flooring system with a smooth finish for use in the production and packaging hall of its hatchery.

Vebro’s solution

Vebro Polymers recommended its medium-duty polyurethane concrete flooring system, vebrocrete MF installed at 4.0 mm for use across the site in an electric blue shade.

This system offers excellent chemical, UV and wear resistance – and as it has a similar co-efficient of thermal expansion to the concrete slab below will expand and contract if the ambient temperature warms or cools, making it an excellent flooring option for food processing environments subject to thermal shock and swing.

vebrocrete MF is a three-component product that is mixed on-site, spread out across the prepared and primed concrete substrate using a serrated steel float or trowel, before being spike-rolled to assist with levelling and de-aerating the finish.

The resulting finish delivers a smooth matt surface that offers excellent wear, abrasion and impact resistance properties. Laid in a seamless application with minimal joints the floor is easy to clean, maintain and sterilise and offers excellent lifecycle cost saving efficiencies compared to other materials such as epoxy flooring or ceramic tiles.

meet the installer

The Veitchi Group’s flooring division completed all surface preparation and polymer flooring installation works at the Duns site.

Veitchi have been in business for over a century and have grown to become one of the largest flooring contractors in the UK.

Headquartered in Glasgow, Veitchi also has satellite offices located across Scotland, offering the capacity and flexibility to deal with any size of contract, anywhere in the UK.

Veitchi supplies and install products from a number of manufacturers, and pride themselves on their ability to always recommend the flooring system or product that’s right for the client’s application, budget and timescale.

key project details


P D Hook (Hatcheries)


Duns, UK



project size

325 m²

Vebro systems

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