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Scooping Success: Vebro Polymers’ serves up vebrocrete HF for Arran Dairies 
vebrocrete HF at Arran Dairies, Scotland, UK

vebrocrete HF has been chosen to transform Arran Dairies’ new eco-friendly facility, delivering a safe, hygienic, durable floor finish on which to manufacture its range of ice cream, desserts and dairy products. 

The company, established in 1978 on the aisle of Arran nestled in the Firth of Clyde, is a fourth generation family run business, and now produces a range of dairy products and desserts using the highest quality locally sourced ingredients. 

Recognised recently with a gold award from The Royal Highland Show, an annual event that celebrates the very best of food, farming and rural life in Scotland, Arran Dairies first began to make its signature Italian-style ice cream in 1999 at its small family dairy on the shores of Brodick Bay. Over twenty years on, the company’s ice cream is still handmade by a skilled, dedicated team and the new facility at Home Farm represents the perfect location to continue this legacy. 

Sustainability is at the heart of this move. Not only will the ice cream production fully powered by the solar panels adorning the roof of Arran Dairies’ warehouse at the new facility, the 230kw biomass boiler installed at the site will provide a heat and electricity scheme for the sites other tenants, expanding the company’s eco-efforts and encouraging other local businesses. 

As part of transforming the previously partly-unused warehouse into the company’s new production facility, Arran Dairies has chosen vebrocrete HF to deliver a safe, hygienic, durable and slip resistant finish underfoot. 

Integrated Flooring Technologies (IFT), well-established as an expert in the installation of industrial flooring carried out a full mechanical preparation of the concrete slab in the Home Farm warehouse prior to the installation of vebrocrete HF at 6.0 mm and vebrocrete PU Cove to form 100.0 mm coved skirtings around the perimeter of the facility. 

Installed at the Home Farm production space, in a combination of Blue and Mid Grey, vebrocrete HF is a heavy-duty, FeRFA Type 8 polyurethane concrete mortar that offers excellent chemical, thermal shock and wear resistance. 

FeRFA is the UK’s leading trade association for the industrial and commercial resin flooring, screeding and surface preparation industries.  

The leading authority for over 50 years on resin flooring systems, FeRFA has led the way in promoting the benefits of resin flooring as a high performance solution for industrial and commercial applications, as well as taking a leading role in developing national and international standards for resin flooring, screeding and surface preparation. 

In line with BS 8204-6, Section 6.2, FeRFA divides polymer flooring into eight groups that define the specific criteria of a polymer floor — ranging from light duty floor sealers, through to extremely hardwearing trowel finished aggregate-filled floor systems.

The trowel applied system resists temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as 120°C, making it ideal for the chillers, freezers and ambient areas of Arran Dairies’ new manufacturing space, as well as the high temperature cleaning processes required to maintain hygiene in food production. 

The seamless, positively textured finish not only delivers slip resistance underfoot, but also offers excellent hygiene benefits, and is certified by HACCP International, a renowned certification body specialising in the certification of food safe equipment, products and services that support the food industry. 

Installed in a seamless application, vebrocrete HF prevents the build-up of dirt and bacteria often found in alternative finishes such as tiles. 

Durable enough to withstand the rigours of a busy production facility, the 6.0 – 9.0 mm aggregate filled, slurry applied PU concrete resists wear and tear as well as damage from dropped equipment or heavy loads. This further promotes hygiene, by reducing the risk of cracks and dints in the floor surface. 

Known for its exceptional durability and longevity, PU concrete systems like vebrocrete HF exhibit high resistance to abrasion, impact and chemical degradation, making it less prone to cracks, deterioration and the need for frequent repairs or replacements, leading to long-term resource savings and a lower environmental impact. 

This will help Arran Dairies deliver on their goal to become one of the world’s most socially and environmentally engaged companies, and contribute to the sustainability of their new transformational manufacturing, storage, distribution and administration facility. 

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