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Completing the look: Precast details with epoxy terrazzo 
Completing the look: Precast details with epoxy terrazzo

When it comes to creating beautiful and durable flooring solutions, epoxy terrazzo is an excellent choice. It’s a versatile and customisable material that can be poured in place to create stunning, seamless floors. However, did you know that epoxy terrazzo can also be used to create precast details?  

Precast epoxy terrazzo details like these can complete the look of your flooring project… 

  1. Stair treads and risers 
  1. Wall panels 
  1. Baseboards and skirting boards 
  1. Column cladding 
  1. Countertops and bar tops 
  1. Benches and seating 
  1. Planters and pots 
  1. Decorative plaques and logos 
  1. Sills and thresholds 
  1. Wayfinding markers and directional signage 

These precast details can be customised in various shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns to complement the design and style of the commercial space.  

Not only can these features add both aesthetic and functional value to the space, from creating a seamless transition between floors and stairs to enhancing the brand identity of the business, but they also offer the same benefits of durability, aesthetics and ease of maintenance that in-situ epoxy terrazzo flooring provides. 

A key advantage of using epoxy terrazzo for precast details is its strength and durability. Epoxy terrazzo is highly resistant to wear and tear, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. It’s also resistant to stains and chemicals, making it a low-maintenance option for commercial and industrial applications. By using precast epoxy terrazzo details, you can ensure that your flooring project is both beautiful and functional. 

Precast epoxy terrazzo details also allow for complete design flexibility as epoxy terrazzo can be customised to match any colour palette or design aesthetic.  

By creating precast details in the same colour and pattern as the installed epoxy terrazzo floor, a cohesive and polished look can be achieved.  

Precast details can also add visual interest and texture to your overall design. For example, precast epoxy terrazzo baseboards or stair treads with a contrasting colour or pattern creates a striking visual effect.  

Much like the aesthetic achieved at City Hall, Sunderland, with vebro Classic Terrazzo in a neutral shade (a combination of stunning handpicked blend of marble aggregates encapsulated in a RAL 7044 Silk Grey binder) across the floor area, and a contrasting RAL 3009 Red Oxide to pack a punch on the main central staircase — a stunning architectural feature that can be seen from almost every area of the construction.  

For the stairs at this new development in the heart of Sunderland, the epoxy terrazzo material from Vebro Polymers was poured into moulds to create precast stair treads that complemented the rest of the flooring and resulted in a finish that is highly resistant to heavy foot traffic. 

In addition to stair treads, precast epoxy terrazzo can also be used for other architectural details such as wall panels, columns, and mouldings. 

In the case of City Hall, Sunderland while the treads and risers of the main staircase were crafted in a contrasting red shade, the Silk Grey colour of the floor was chosen for the on-site café’s counter, as well as several other details. 

Looking for epoxy terrazzo flooring and finishing touches for a commercial interior? Contact your local team to discuss your project requirements. 

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