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‘Dilaps?’ Take It Easy…Vebro’s Got Your Back! (well mainly your floor, but you get the point!)
Warehouse Dilapidations Flooring Guide

If you are a tenant in a warehouse or industrial unit with an internal repairing lease, dilapidation liabilities mean that you are responsible for returning your premises to an acceptable condition upon the expiry of your lease before the next tenants move in!

Dependent on the wear and tear they’ve been privy to over the duration of the tenancy, floor dilapidation works in these facilities can include floor and joint repair, floor levelling or smoothing as well as the installation of flow applied epoxy or polyurethane coating systems.

How can Vebro Polymers help?

At Vebro Polymers, we provide hardwearing flooring systems that can handle all of the day-to-day operational needs of warehousing units and meet health and safety requirements with ease.

Supplying pump screeds, cementitious wearing surfaces, high-build and self-smoothing resin floor systems as well as safety linemarkers, we offer a complete spectrum of products designed for use in light duty pedestrian areas through to heavily forklift trafficked areas and those housing heavy equipment, machinery and racking.

Vebro Polymers works with a network of highly skilled flooring applicators across the UK and Ireland, who are experienced in both the removal of existing floor finishes, concrete slab repair and remediation as well as the installation of smoothing underlayments and industrial polymer flooring.

Our durable, forklift friendly, anti-slip systems offer excellent resistance to wear, tear and chemicals and come in a range of assorted colours.

Whatever specification you need, Vebro is here to help!

And to make your choice even simpler, we’ve designed this handy guide, which walks through all of the different systems that we would recommend for use in warehousing and industrial units! It could not be easier!

All you need to do now is give us a call, or drop us a note at hello@vebropolymers.com and we’ll be happy to help build your spec and provide a quote.

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