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Transforming Outdoor Residential Spaces with vebrobound Driveway
vebrobound Driveway: Transform Outdoor Spaces Guide

We’re excited to have launched our very own SUDs compliant, UV stable resin bound aggregate system — vebrobound Driveway — which boasts a whole range of performance benefits.

That’s why Vebro HQ is, despite the miserable weather we’re having this lovely Monday at our HQ in Knutsford, feeling incredibly bright and sunshiney today!

Designed to stand the test of time, vebrobound Driveway delivers excellent wear and weather resistance and is easy-to-clean, meaning homeowners and tenants can simply quick sweep periodically and power wash occasionally for any more stubborn markings.

The fully permeable system allows surface water to drain without pooling, while resisting weed growth to perfectly complement surrounding lawns with minimal fuss.

Available in a range of attractive stone blends, vebrobound Driveway perfectly complements any style of property, and when applied in different thicknesses can create a cohesive look throughout walkways, seating areas and driveways themselves.

vebrobound Driveway is easy to install, and can be applied with no headaches in temperatures between 8°C – 30°C (if we ever get up to the top end of the 20s again, we’ll be happy!)

We’ve rounded up all of the useful information about vebrobound Driveway and compiled it all into a handy guide, free to download!

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