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Why choose vebro EP OT Primer?
Why choose vebro EP OT Primer?

“This isn’t just any Primer, this is vebro EP OT Primer.”

What are the chances you read this in the renowned voiceover from the M&S adverts? Are you thinking OT Primer isn’t a very ‘sexy’ subject to talk about?

At Vebro we feel it is!

What’s not to like about a primer that is easy to apply and improves the adhesion of epoxy & polyurethane systems onto surfaces that have been heavily soiled with lubricants & oils.

It can hugely transform a heavily dirty, tired, flakey flooring into the perfect substrate to lay your chosen coating or cementitious screed system upon. So, you see why we feel we need to talk about it.

This little gem tolerates a lot!

Have we piqued your interest? If you want to know more, here’s a few commonly asked questions…

What exactly is vebro EP OT Primer?

Vebro Polymers’ EP OT Primer (oil-tolerant primer) is a clear, 2-component epoxy resin surface primer that is tolerant of residual oil contamination in concrete and cementitious floors.

What does vebro EP OT Primer do?

It’s designed to help adhere a subsequent epoxy (EP) and polyurethane (PU) coating and/or cementitious screed system to substrates that have previously been contaminated with oils, which have been thoroughly cleaned, but may still retain some traces of residual contamination.

Where would you use vebro EP OT Primer?

Typically, vebro EP OT Primer is used in businesses within the automotive, industrial, manufacturing sectors, and many other industries where machinery and lubricant are used. This primer is usually called upon where vehicles, processing equipment, and heavy machinery were previously in-situ, whereby grease, oil, and dirt tend to build up over time.

How do I prep for vebro EP OT Primer?

We’ve got you; there’s more information featured in the product data on substrate preparation, application instructions, cleaning and maintenance, as well as working times, foot traffic, and how to store the product to get the best results. The product data can be downloaded here.

Can I see vebro EP OT Primer in action?

Absolutely! Read all about the ‘Taranto’ project where vebro EP OT Primer was used, as well as finding out about the client, installer and the full Vebro system used.

Did you know….

We offer a range of primers, each suited for different requirements such as low-temperature cure (LTC), rapid cure (RC), oil-tolerant (OT), water-based (WB), and our standard primer to name but a few.

Download the technical data for any of these product here, or contact your local team for project specific pricing.

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