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Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points

HACCP Safety Management

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is the most internationally recognised system based on the production of safe food.

It is a preventive risk assessment tool that takes a careful look at food safety hazards and provides guidelines to guarantee that the facility, its equipment, staff and working processes never constitute a health or hygiene hazard.

HACCP guidelines state that the finish should have the following characteristics: A seamless surface that won’t provide germs and dirt with hard to clean hiding places but that helps the staff to quickly wash away unwanted substances.

The durability to withstand the onsite operating conditions for an extended period of time, including the chemicals, foot traffic, oils, intensive cleaning, ingredients, temperatures, impacts and point loading that it will inevitably be exposed to.

Adequate drainage must be in place so that excess liquid and contaminants can be quickly washed out of the production and processing areas. Ideally this should be stainless steel drainage incorporated into a floor that has been laid to a fall.

Vebro Polymers’ flooring systems offer the ideal solution for food manufacture and processing areas including food processing plants, bakeries, abattoirs, meat processing areas, dairies, breweries, farm shops and kitchens.

From heavy duty screed and self smoothing systems through to coving and coatings, the vebrocrete range is designed to meet the demands of the food industry and provide the answer for tanked or boxed washrooms and wet areas as well as refrigeration and freezer flooring.

vebrocrete systems…

HACCP International Certified Systems

vebrocrete HF (Red)

vebrocrete HF

vebrocrete HF is a HACCP International certified heavy duty, trowel applied, polyurethane concrete mortar offering excellent chemical, thermal shock and wear resistance.

vebrocrete MF (Green)

vebrocrete MF

vebrocrete MF is a HACCP International certified medium duty, easily-applied, polyurethane concrete screed offering excellent chemical and wear resistance.

vebrocrete SR (Charcoal)

vebrocrete SR

vebrocrete SR is a HACCP International certified easily-applied, polyurethane concrete, with a broadcast aggregate layer and pigmented top coat, offering excellent slip resistance.

vebrocrete SL (Mid Grey)

vebrocrete SL

vebrocrete SL is a HACCP International certified medium duty, easily-applied, self smoothing polyurethane concrete screed laid at a reduced thickness offering excellent chemical and wear resistance in food and beverage processing facilities.

vebrocrete Cove (Blue)

vebrocrete Cove

vebrocrete Cove is a HACCP International certified polyurethane concrete mortar designed to form radius coves.

vebrocrete RT (Light Grey)

vebrocrete RT

vebrocrete RT is a HACCP International certified heavy duty, rake applied, polyurethane concrete mortar, with enhanced flow, offering excellent chemical, thermal shock and wear resistance.

HACCP International Certified Systems​ System Data

vebrocrete CovevebrocreteFood & Beverage Processing

vebrocrete HFvebrocreteFood & Beverage Processing

vebrocrete MFvebrocreteFood & Beverage Processing

vebrocrete RTvebrocreteFood & Beverage Processing, Industrial & Manufacturing

vebrocrete SLvebrocreteFood & Beverage Processing

vebrocrete SRvebrocreteFood & Beverage Processing, Industrial & Manufacturing

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