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vebrores EP HBC: More Than Just a High-Build Coating
vebrores EP HBC Composite System at Multinational Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, Cambridge
vebrores EP HBC Composite System at Multinational Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, Cambridge

Many will know vebrores EP HBC, Vebro Polymers’ high-build floor coating system, as a self-priming, solvent-free, epoxy resin system incorporating two coats of vebro EP Universal. 

However, there are a number of variations available to choose from depending on your application criteria… 

General application: vebrores EP HBC 

Vebro’s classic self-priming solvent-free epoxy coating EP Universal laid at 0.60 kg / m² over two coats.  

vebrores EP HBC is best suited to coat floors in medium duty dry processing areas where a hard-wearing, chemical resistant floor finish is required. 

Choose from a wide range of standard RAL or BS 4800 classic shades, such as RAL 7024 Graphite Grey as seen at REPerformance in Swindon

Low temperature installation conditions: vebrores EP HBC LTC 

Installations in colder climes or in Winter or Spring can prove challenging. Vebro’s low temperature cure curing agent ensures that overcoating times aren’t compromised. 

High chemical resistance requirements: vebrores EP HBC HCR  

Designed for aviation hangars and / or solvent-stores, this system contains a little extra magic in the curing agent to enhance the surface’s high chemical resistance properties even further. 

Installed in RAL 7038 Agate Grey across Krüger Aviation’s 2,110 m² hangar in Bournemouth, vebrores EP HBC HCR — in this instance with an additional primer coating prior to the application of vebro EP Universal HCR — was chosen for its enhanced chemical resistance including against Skydrol aviation hydraulic fluid. 

Slip resistance: vebrores EP HBC SR 

For high-trafficked areas, or those that risk tracking wet contaminants indoors, simply fully blind with vebro Natural Quartz between coats to deliver a textured slip resistant surface. 

VINCI Construction has recently chosen vebrores EP HBC SR owing to its anti-slip profile that could also withstand the daily wear and tear of its internal vehicle repair and maintenance facility. 

Heavy duty facilities: vebrores EP HBC Composite 

For high-load bearing applications requiring additional strength and durability, vebrores EP HBC Composite fills the resin material and build thickness between layers of graded quartz aggregates. 

vebrores EP HBC Composite was installed recently in the manufacturing space of a multinational laboratory products manufacturer in Cambridge to ensure slip resistance and durability. The floor coating build-up, comprised two layered applications of vebro EP Universal broadcast with 52 mesh silica sand, followed by a final finish coat of vebro EP Universal. 

High moisture substrate: vebrores EP HBC MT 

For slabs that exhibit a high residual moisture content, applicators can install two coats of Vebro’s moisture tolerant primer followed by one-coat of vebro EP Universal coating to prevent any surface defects. 

Download technical data for any of these systems here, or get in touch for project specific pricing. 

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