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Love Terrazzo, But On A Budget? Go Compact! – The Brightest Trend for 2021!
Introducing vebroluxe Compact Terrazzo

Move over marble, sayonara ceramic tiles, hasta la vista vinyl… say HELLO to colourful cost-effective compact terrazzo!

So, what is compact terrazzo?

Compact terrazzo is a high-strength, cost-effective and seamless coloured epoxy resin screed, laid between 6.0 – 10.0 mm, which contains a special blend of decorative quartz aggregates and fillers. This resin mortar screed is then diamond ground once cured, grouted and sealed to deliver a stunning, seamless surface between 4.0 – 8.0 mm.

What makes compact terrazzo so cost-effective?

Sound familiar? Yes the process may seem the same, but the BIG difference between compact terrazzo and other resin-bound seamless terrazzo flooring systems, is that compact terrazzo uses a smaller, proprietary blend of decorative quartz aggregates under 4.0 mm in size to reduce the overall thickness of the flooring system and the amount of resin used.

This decorative aggregate is mixed into our low emissions epoxy resin binder and laid in one application using a trowel, smoothing trowel or power plate to deliver a liquid-tight finish that has been expertly engineered to minimise the risk of aggregate drag-out and the need for grouting once ground. In short, by going compact you can achieve the same terrazzo style finish, but at fraction of the material cost.

Change the Colour, Transform the Design – vebroluxe Compact Terrazzo from Vebro Polymers

What colour is compact terrazzo available in?

That’s the beauty of compact terrazzo, although the pre-filled decorative quartz aggregate remains the same, changing the shade of the epoxy resin binder can completely transform the look of the floor finish. Choose from an unlimited palette of Classic RAL shades to tailor the terrazzo to suit the mood of your workspace or reflect corporate colours.

Download our Colour Biblehere

What sealer options are available?

You choose… fancy a silk-matt finish, build a silk matt sealer into the system, or want a high gloss, super shiny aesthetic, use a gloss sealer. It’s completely up to you and the interior space that you want to create.

What are the benefits of compact terrazzo?

Like all seamless resin surfaces, compact terrazzo is hygienic and easy to keep clean. With correct maintenance and a bit of love can remain in-situ for the lifetime of the building. Compact terrazzo is also super durable with high wear and impact resistance.The material has good thermal resistance, chemical resistance and high abrasion resistance.

Is compact terrazzo eco-friendly?

Yes, in fact it’s one of the most eco-friendly flooring options when you look at the material over its lifecycle. As mentioned above, with a little love and regular maintenance, compact terrazzo can remain in-situ for the lifetime of the building, this makes its lifecycle cost saving efficiencies very favourable to the building owners!

And, if you fancy a change years down the line, compact terrazzo can simply be floored over, with no need to rip-up, throw-out and send to nasty landfill sites.

Is compact terrazzo a safe, emission free flooring material?

Indoor air quality and comfort is an important concern for building users. Spaces that have been outfitted with slow release pollutant emitting materials (including some vinyl materials) can result in an unpleasant odour and deteriorated indoor climate for users.

This can impact comfort, productivity and, in the worst-case scenario, health and wellbeing – anything ranging from headaches and discomfort through to respiratory issues.

Our resin binder is formulated from natural bio-based polymers, is low to no VOC, phthalate-free and odourless and meets AgBB criteria for low emissions coatings to ensure improved indoor air quality for building occupants.

Why is terrazzo so popular?

Well mainly because it looks fantastic, but also because it is highly durable, scratch resistant, impervious and easy to keep clean! With an unlimited pallette of colours to choose from, you can stamp your own personality into an interior space, and all safe in the knowledge that it won’t fray, tear, scratch or damage in a few years!

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